Follow these THREE easy steps to create your Cloud Mobile Visual Search Demo Application – No Coding Required

Step One

  • Click on any of the Sign-up links on the website and request your free Cloud MVS test service using the Control Panel. You will receive a notification email once the service is set up and ready for you to use.

Step Two

  • Using the Control Panel, you are now able to upload any images you want to connect to web content. Set the value for each image to be the URL you want it to navigate to (making sure you start with http://).

Step Three

  • Download the Cloud MVS App from the Apple or Android app stores, set this up according to the on screen instructions and tick the box “Automatically follow links”.

    Congratulations, you now have a basic Cloud MVS app working. To see it in action, simply take pictures of the objects you have uploaded and your App will automatically navigate to the respective websites.

  • AppleAppStoreGooglePlay

Next Steps for Developers

  • Integrating Cloud Mobile Visual Search with your own ApplicationNow that you have seen and tested the demo App working, you are ready to integrate the image recognition functionality into your own mobile application. To help you do this quickly and easily, we have open sourced the demo app source code on GitHub. You can use this as a starting point for your App or simply as a reference guide.To learn more about the technical details of the Search API, just click on API Documents on our website to take a look at our API documentation. A Python script is also available to let you try your Cloud MVS test service from the desktop.