What is the difference between Cloud MVS and On-Device MVS?

Cloud MVS On-Device MVS
Near real-time response (depending on network) Device-based, real-time response
Supports millions of target images Supports up to100 target images
Images hosted in the Cloud Images downloaded and stored in the mobile application
‘Point and Click’ action ‘Scanning’ action
Typical response time 1 to 5 seconds (depending on network) Typical response time less than 1 second
Requires network connection
Can work offline. However: –
Requires network when app first started to sync target images
Requires network if marketing content is online
API code and documentation SDK and documentation
Web-based control panel
Optional multi-response ‘Action Layer’ (social media, m-commerce)
Real-time analytics Weekly analytics reports
Complete control over branding Complete control over branding
Curved images Flat images