Our Cloud MVS service can be configured and integrated with your mobile app using simple web-services API’s.

Our Search API allows you to connect your mobile app with the image dataset you have configured in your Cloud MVS service. Simply capture an image in your app and then post this to your Cloud Mobile Visual Search service using the Search API. We provide example code to show you how this is done on iOS and Android.

For most of our customers the web control panel is the simplest way to manage their datasets. The Data API is provided as an alternative to the web control panel for adding and removing images from your dataset. It is particularly useful for automating and integrating dataset management with your own systems. To enable Data API access select “API Only” instead of “Control Panel” under management access when adding a new Cloud MVS service.

To prevent unauthorised access to your Cloud MVS service access to the API’s requires approrpriate authentication.

Full details of the API’s and authentication can be found by selecting the relevant submenus.