• What is Mobile Visual Search?

    Our Mobile Visual Search solutions enable you to integrate image recognition software capabilities into your own branded mobile applications. Quickly and easily link printed material such as brochures, packaging and labels; cover art or posters with digital content, social media, commerce and marketing activity. And maintain the integrity of your brand by eliminating the need for QR codes and other visual cues.

    Mobile Visual Search (MVS) bridges the gap between offline and online media, enabling you to link your customers to digital content. When they scan or take a picture of your printed materials with their mobile phone, image recognition software is used to link them to a variety of content (e.g. product reviews, videos or in depth information), social media forums, online shopping and campaign microsites.

    State-of-the-art image recognition software is today able to recognise highly defined, smooth flat images, including printed material: brochures, posters, flyers, newspapers, magazines, books, etc.; and packaged products, including CD/DVD cover art, packaged or labeled consumer goods and boxes.

    Current limitations include the ability to recognise physical faces, non-packaged physical objects such as fruit, vegetables, plants, animals, stand-alone goods (vacuum cleaners, cameras and the like), and non-standard views of buildings and scenery.

    We offer two market-leading solutions – Cloud MVS and On-Device MVS, which are deployed by some of the world’s leading brands and agencies worldwide.

    Cloud MVS On-Device MVS
    Near real-time response (depending on network) Device-based, real-time response
    Supports millions of target images Supports up to100 target images
    Images hosted in the Cloud Images downloaded and stored in the mobile application
    ‘Point and Click’ action ‘Scanning’ action
    Typical response time 1 to 5 seconds (depending on network) Typical response time less than 1 second
    Requires network connection Can work offline. However: -
    Requires network when app first started to sync target images
    Requires network if marketing content is online
    API code and documentation SDK and documentation
    Web-based control panel
    Optional multi-response ‘Action Layer’ (social media, m-commerce)
    Real-time analytics Weekly analytics reports
    Complete control over branding Complete control over branding
    Curved images Flat images