• On-Device Mobile Visual Search - Details

    Key features

    • Embed Mobile Visual Search (MVS) software easily into own branded mobile applications
    • ‘Scanning’, real-time response
    • Optional multi-response ‘Action Layer’ for social media and m-commerce opportunities
    • Detailed analytics and reports

    Own-branded (white label) solution

    Our On-Device Mobile Visual Search solution enables you to embed market-leading image recognition software into your own branded consumer applications easily – bypassing the need for QR codes and other unsightly visual cues.  An SDK toolkit is available, together with comprehensive documentation, allowing you to integrate MVS into your mobile application quickly and seamlessly. To get started, just contact us and we will provide you with everything you need today.

    ‘Scanning’, real-time response

    Up to 100 images can be loaded and synchronised at any one time on the mobile application, which the consumer downloads to their smartphone.  The consumer only requires to ‘scan’ a specific image or object using the built-in camera in order to be presented with marketing and digital content.  A large variety of print and highly textured images such as magazines, brochures, DVDs, branded labels and printed packaging, can be searched and matched and is completed with real-time response.  The ‘scanning’ action, together with the real-time response, creates an instantly rewarding and engaging consumer experience.

    Optional multi-response ‘Action Layer’

    The optional multi-response ‘Action Layer’ adds a fully customisable interface for aggregating a variety of content and online destinations, including social media, online shopping and campaign microsites.  With a single click, consumers have access to exclusive content, product details and special promotions as well as have the ability to share content with friends.

    Analytics reports

    Detailed analytics and reports on consumer behavior and campaign results are also available through weekly reports.  This allows you to monitor the success and ROI of marketing activity and campaigns.