• On-Device Mobile Visual Search – ARTICLE Case Study

    ARTICLE app for iOS and Android platforms
    Developed by Kenny Ho and Mobile Acuity

    The ARTICLE app incorporates Mobile Acuity’s On- Device mobile visual search software, bringing a new and interactive approach to digital content related to a magazine. Often consumers associate an app with a digital version of the same magazine – but this is not the case with Mobile Visual Search. Developed as an integral part of the magazine’s core identity, the ARTICLE app is able to link readers to additional information beyond the printed editorials/features, giving a new dimension and look to the digital version. Digital content available to readers includes behind the scenes inspirations of photo shoots, exclusive videos on designers as well as the opportunity to purchase specific items featured in the magazine.

    • Mobile Acuity’s On-Device image recognition software embedded in the ARTICLE mobile app links readers to additional as well as extended content not covered in the printed magazine.
    • A multi-response action bar displayed on the mobile device enables readers to access new and interactive content with a single click, such as photo shoot mood-boards, exclusive videos and opportunity to purchase featured items in the magazine.
    • Consumers are rewarded with an immersive and interactive experience, providing an ‘unknown’ and ‘compelling’ aspect to the digital destination through the discovery of a completely new and different facet of the printed magazine.
    • Mobile visual search links print and digital content together in a seamless fashion - providing global reach, a new m-commerce portal as well as offering an attractive interactive medium to advertisers and sponsors.

    Launched in 2013, Kenny Ho and Rosy Tsai spent over two years planning and developing the ARTICLE concept: a focus on British luxury brands and designers featured through a series of witty, candid and informative editorials and photo stories. The aim was to offer a new and fresh perspective to the digital content related to a magazine. Not just a straight copy of the magazine but something new and innovative that was attractive to readers as well as advertisers and sponsors.

    Mobile Acuity worked closely with Kenny Ho to explore how mobile visual search could be used to offer a different approach to digital content and provide readers with a new and ‘immersive’ digital experience.

    The ARTICLE app was put at the core of the magazine’s brand identity - linking print and digital content together rather than as two separate entities. This provided the opportunity to extend featured content as well as showcase extra content not included in the magazine to give a new digital dimension to the magazine.

    It also provided the opportunity to work with advertisers and sponsors in a new interactive way, with the focus of driving traffic to specific content on their websites and reaching not just a UK but global audience through the sharing of information.

    The ARTICLE app embeds the Mobile Acuity’s On- Device mobile visual search SDK and has a custom- branded user interface. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

    The interactive pages of the magazine are marked with the ARTICLE logo so the reader is alerted to additional content. As the mobile camera is placed over the designated page, a multi-response action bar is displayed on the device, showing the options available to explore the content. For example, video, shopping basket, Twitter, Facebook and website. The reader is able to access and share the additional content from the action bar with a single click, thereby providing a fast and seamless reader experience.