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    Cloud Mobile Visual Search - Details

    Key features

    • Integrate Mobile Visual Search (MVS) easily into own branded mobile applications
    • Quick setup using intuitive web-based control panel or web-service API
    • Highly scalable to support millions of images
    • Real-time analytics

    Own-branded (white label) solution

    Our Cloud Mobile Visual Search solution enables you to integrate market-leading image recognition software into your own branded consumer applications easily – bypassing the need for QR codes and other unsightly visual cues.  A simple web-service API ensures that integration with your mobile app is quick and seamless and also provides the ability to automate the management of the image database.

    Self-serve control panel

    Getting started could not be easier.  Our user-friendly online control panel allows you to set up your image database within minutes.  From our website, you can create your own account which allows you to upload, configure and manage all the images.  Anytime you wish to change or add a new campaign just ‘login’.  This can be done without any prior experience of mobile visual search or any developer knowledge.

    Scalable solution

    A large variety of print and highly textured images such as magazines, brochures, DVDs, branded labels and printed packaging, can be searched and matched and is completed with near real-time response (depending on network).  So when the consumer ‘points and clicks’ their smartphone camera at a specific image or object, marketing and digital content is presented quickly and seamlessly.  The database can be scaled to millions of images – whether you wish to implement a single campaign or include your entire product catalogue.

    Real-time analytics

    Detailed analysis and reports on consumer behavior and campaign results are also available through our online control panel, such as top ten items searched, number of times searched and time period.  This allows you to monitor, in real-time, the success and ROI of marketing activity and campaigns.