Our visual search solutions for mobile devices link printed material and physical objects with digital content, social media, commerce and marketing activity, while maintaining the integrity of brand message and eliminating the need for visible cues, such as QR codes.

  • Integrate Mobile Visual Search (MVS) into own branded mobile applications
  • Cloud-based or On-Device Mobile Visual Search solutions to fit your requirements
  • Links your brand to marketing content, social and commerce opportunities
  • Delivers a fast, accurate and engaging consumer experience
  • Measures campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Deployed by leading brands and agencies worldwide

HMV Case Study

Cloud MVS API integrated into 7digital’s Visual Music Discovery service and offered as white-label solution to partner HMV, enabling consumers to listen to music previews and purchase music in single app.

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Philip Lim Case Study

Using On-device MVS, the app acts as a special ‘lens’ to the brand, unlocking exclusive content, hidden items, product details and links to special offers, creating a unique and interactive customer experience.

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